Duel in the Desert

  • DJI_0164
  • DJI_0165
  • SKiBerg2_SS_Pool-(1)
  • SKiBerg2_SS_Pool-(2)
  • SKiBerg2_SS_Pool-(5)
  • SkiBerg-SS-Duel-Skiberg2-SAT1-(4)
  • SkiBerg-SS-Duel-Skiberg2-SAT1-(5)
  • SkiBerg-SS-Duel-SkiBerg3-SAT1-(13)
  • SkiBerg-SS-Duel-SkiBerg3-SAT1-(15)
  • SkiBerg-SS-Duel-SkiBerg3-SAT1-(17)

California Aerial Photography - Cheerleading

We're still working on some of the camera settings on the new DJI Inspire 1 drone, but we got a few great shots while we were out in Palm Springs, CA. Spirit Sports put on one heck of a show for this year's Duel in the Desert. Take a look at a few of the aerial photographs our drones picked up along the way.

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