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Florida Aerial Video - Highway and Transportation

I am always surprised when my "closet computer geek" shows up and it certainly did on this job. I was so enamored by the quality of construction of the new 429 highway in the Wekiva area north of Orlando. I didn't think you could find a highway "beautiful", but these guys clearly know what they're doing! The columns supporting overpasses, the lane markers and even the makeup of the asphalt itself was impressive. As usual I had the fortune of working with a quality group of people on this job and was able to enjoy myself as we worked through our list of tasks.

The goal of the project was to provide a preliminary look at what could be seen at each of the many vantage points along the new highway. In some locations there were already cameras mounted atop 40 foot poles but they were not yet functioning. The rest of the locations we had to follow the map to determine where to shoot from. The drone makes this job so much easier, safer and far more efficient all around. Flying the drone at each location and capturing 180 degree and many times 360 degree views to demonstrate what could be seen at several different heights helping the HNTB Corporation determine if their early calculations were correct. This is a time and money saving approach SkiBerg provides with aerial photography and aerial video. The alternative to this new method is to stop traffic, position a bucket truck (sometimes on the side of a highway embankment) and send an actual person up to heights of 40, 50 and 60 feet to capture the footage. Not safe, not cost effective, and certainly by no means efficient.

SkiBerg has several highway and transportation jobs under it's belt at this point, working for the Florida Department of Transportation in Brevard County as well as the FDOT out of Orlando. Both of which were deemed to be highly efficient means of achieving the goals they had in mind, saving them most importantly time and secondarily money.

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