Lema Construction

  • SkiBerg-Lema-Construction-NW-1500×1000
  • SkiBerg-Lema-Construction-SE-1500×1000
  • SkiBerg-Lema-Construction-SW-1500×1000
  • SkiBerg-Lema-Construction-N-1500×1000
  • SkiBerg-Lema-Construction-NE-1500×1000

Florida Aerial Videography - Building Construction

SkiBerg, LLC was invited out to a current project by Lema Construction. Kevin Brodie one of the SkiBerg pilots was able to capture some great photos to aid Lema Construction in their monthly progress reports provided to the owner of the building. The contacts at Lema Construction were impressed with the quality and ease with which we were able to capture the footage they needed. All this can be accomplished at a fraction of their normal cost! You can take a look at some other work Lema Construction has done here: http://lemaconstruction.com

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SkiBerg-Lema-Construction-N-1500x1000 SkiBerg-Lema-Construction-NE-1500x1000 SkiBerg-Lema-Construction-NW-1500x1000 SkiBerg-Lema-Construction-SE-1500x1000 SkiBerg-Lema-Construction-SW-1500x1000


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