Florida Aerial Video - Staff

A "stand up" gentleman with impressive family values, Kevin has been a member of the United States Coast Guard for 10 years. He was recently married to his wife Samantha and looks forward to his ever evolving rule with the Coast Guard. This will certainly open his family up to many new experiences as they plant roots periodically in different regions of the country.

His work regiment is nothing short of professional. "Leader" and "Teacher" are 2 words that can be closely associated with Kevin as he has an exemplary career. He will put these traits to use with his new role with SkiBerg.

Kevin already has years of experience flying quad copters and this shows in the satisfactory delivery of each new product. Kevin will is servicing the Gulf Coast of Florida for SkiBerg and is available for consult at any time. Please contact him with any ideas or questions regarding future business.

SkiBerg - Gulf Coast Representative